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Solar panel output results for 9/18 and 9/19/11

September 19, 2011

Here are the solar panel output results for the last two days. Busy, busy teaching.

Happy Labor Day!

September 5, 2011

Yes, another day to rest from work. It is rainy today so the graph tomorrow will be quite interesting. We had monsoons and thunder today. My daughters are back east and their areas, Tennessee and Washington DC, are full of clouds and rain from Hurricane Lee. Here are the graphs for Sept. 3rd and 4th. […]

August 26

August 26, 2011

Here are the results for Aug. 26th, over 100 degrees again today. I can’t believe it has been one year since going solar. I remember that it took one month for the electric company to approve my turning it on. So when you hook up to the grid know that it takes time. For you […]


August 13, 2011

We had a fun Saturday, visiting the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach with friends, the beach, a picnic, a nice dinner and walks around the area. Before all of that we visited 100 two-story homes near a private lake nearby to promote solar with Sungevity. We want everyone to go solar. I know several home […]

3.2 kW

August 12, 2011

Yes, it is Friday and there were clouds and fog and sun and heat. Look at this graph below and see. Also the highest point of the graph 3.2 was much higher than any of the last month. Go figure. Comments?

Solar panel results for 7/29/11

July 29, 2011

Here is the solar graph for 7/29/11. Still on vacation. Enjoy!

Still on vacation —

July 17, 2011

Here are the solar panel output results for 7.17.11. If I make 22 or 23 kW everyday that is 660 kWh plus a month.  Cool! [Results from checking on my iPad.]

July 7th solar panel results

July 7, 2011

Free solar? It seems another month over 600 kWh generated from my free solar panels. Someone told me it can’t be free. And as I have explained here before but for this person the first time, the panels lease which is 60 per month and the electric bill which is now 25 per month, the […]

Le Tour de France

July 5, 2011

Every year at this time I am watching the bike race in France for three weeks. It reminds me of summer and our trip to Europe a few years back. France is such a beautiful country it is great seeing it from the bikers point of view along with the helicopter shots. The race is […]

July 3rd – 92

July 3, 2011

My dad had a good birthday today, 92 wow! My neighbor got his solar and SCE approval, I think. I will ask him. Maybe he will send over some of his solar graphs to share with everyone with his new 4.2 kW system.