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April 2016 – solar panel production results

May 15, 2016

Here is April, 2016 solar panel production results graph.

March 2016 solar panel production

May 15, 2016

My home is in the Moreno Valley, CA area if you need a sense of location. Throughout the year the weather influences the production, shading from nearby trees and power poles, but from year to year it is pretty steady. By the way my referral code is 27596 to get extra money off the purchase […]

February 2016 solar panel production

May 15, 2016

Here is the graph for the solar panel production for February 2016.

September 2015 solar panel output graph

November 15, 2015

Here is September 2015 – solar output graph for the month, five years old and doing great.

October 2012 solar panel output results

November 6, 2012

Here are my solar panel output results for my 3.7kW system from Sungevity. We had some rainy days as you can see. Enjoy!

Edison bill $25

December 20, 2011

I just love that my normal electric bill is now $25 per month instead of $150 or 180. The electric company (SCE) even only wants 2.72 for the month. So during the holidays, I can postpone paying the $25 and just send $2.72 and pay the rest later, very cool. This is a great way […]

Good news – smart meter is solar compatible

December 11, 2011

I finally got a hold of So. Cal. Edison about my smart meter. Good news, it is compatible. SCE installed the newest smart meter at my house which has the extra chip inside to handle solar generation. Yahoo! SCE explained the various smart meter screens while I was outside looking at it. There is one […]

August 23

August 23, 2011

The daily solar output graph for today. Sunny and super hot everyday, 103, well not that hot compared to Palm Springs which has been over 110 lately.

Mid-month predition – over 650 kWh – oh and now over 6200 kWh this year!

August 15, 2011

Yes, I have made over 6200 kWh this year and I still have 2 more weeks. This month so far I have over 330 kWh which means over 650 kWh this month, yahoo!

Almost mid-month

August 14, 2011

Planning on making over 650 kWh again this month. That sure is a lot of free electricity. I love saving money and helping the environment. I have friends that use $300 plus every month on electricity and they still don’t go solar. OH well maybe later. Here is today’s graph.