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2010-2015 solar panel production – comparing over the years

May 15, 2016

Here is the graph that shows the annual production from August 2010 to December 2015. In 2013, the modem was out and so it did not report for a month which is why 2013 seems a little low. I was not living in the house at that time and had not know of the downed […]

Solar panel output results for August 2012

September 2, 2012

Here is the month of August, 2012, solar panel output results from my 3.7 kW system from Sungevity.com.

Get $500 and an iPad

March 21, 2012

As the old adage goes, friends don’t let friends power their homes with expensive, dirty energy! So, I’m doing my part and letting you know that if you go solar (like me!) you and I will both earn $500! My referral number is 27596. Sungevity’s $0 down Solar Lease makes it easy and affordable to […]

A long time friend…

September 6, 2011

Yes, another day of solar. Even when it rains there is solar energy coming to my home. A long time friend went online and finally did an iQuote. I told him a year ago this was awesome, but he was not ready and now he is. Yahoo! Let’s hope it works out for him. I […]

August 30

August 30, 2011

Another hot day. More detailed blogs in September. Solar output for 8/30/11.

August 18 solar panel results

August 18, 2011

My classroom air conditioner started breaking down 2 weeks ago and Monday stopped working period.  Maybe tomorrow it will get fixed. It is not fun teaching in a room that is over 90 degrees with stagnant air and no breeze. It will be fine soon. Onward and forward. I put 2 fans in my room […]

Mid-month predition – over 650 kWh – oh and now over 6200 kWh this year!

August 15, 2011

Yes, I have made over 6200 kWh this year and I still have 2 more weeks. This month so far I have over 330 kWh which means over 650 kWh this month, yahoo!

Solar House on the beach

April 29, 2011

from huffpost green, check out the website to see more photos, very cool house. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/09/the-pearl-shell-shaped-solar-house_n_847076.html#s262900 solar house

Everyday is solar power!

April 27, 2011

In the past, having solar was just a distant dream, now it is reality. Back in the old days I thought of solar, but the loan payments were not in the budget at the time. Now, I have a small lease payment, a small electric bill and by the end of the year, it looks […]

Solar products I saw online last night

April 17, 2011

Here are some solar products I saw online. Are they the best prices probably not but interesting just the same, solar fountains, bird baths, etc. Tell me of other sites I can post or purchase from. Here is the graph from yesterday. The dip is from the pine tree in the back end of the […]