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Solar panel output for 8/19

August 19, 2011

Here are the results for today, 8/19/11. Yeah for Friday. Tomorrow is yard sale day. Maybe some people will ask about my solar.

Solar chart

August 16, 2011

Hi all, still busy teaching everyday. Here is my solar panel electrical output chart for 8/16/11. The peak was not as high as the other day, must be haze or something that keeps it down. Comments? Fifteen more days for you to get that $1000 for signing up at Sungevity.com and doing an iQuote with […]

March 16th

March 16, 2011

Today’s solar panel results edging to 500 kWh, cloudy today off and on.

Over 1500 kWh made so far in 3 months…

December 2, 2010

Not bad for my little 3.7kw system, is what a friend said the other day. Yes, 1500 plus kilowatts so far 90 days. Yahoo! I was invited to be a reference on a large solar installation. My notoriety is picking up? BusinessWeek, PBS, GWU, Planet Forward, and more. Interesting. My average for November was 17 […]

Nov. 30th graph – afternoon trees still shading the solar panels

December 1, 2010

Oh, yes I am back from Tennessee and happy checking my solar panel inverter graphs again! Here is the graph for 11/30/10. The graph shows the afternoon shading starting at 1:00 pm and continuing for several hours after that. If I had to do it again, I would move the lowest 3 panels up to […]

November is over!

November 30, 2010

Here is the graph for November and I was right on with the guess of 450 kWh produced, total was 453 kWh, not bad with all the shading of the trees and all. Enjoy! Let’s see what December brings. Any guesses?

Solar at the beach

November 6, 2010

Another day another 18.5 kWh

November 4, 2010

Here are the graphs from yesterday. Enjoy! Off to work I go.

11/2/10 graphs

November 3, 2010

Remember that the first 3 days of going solar for me were having the system off some days  and on some days till it was in operation, so the 70 days of operation should probably say 67 days which is more accurate. It has been a blast so far. Still making 18 or 19 kWh […]

QA inspection 10/28/10

October 29, 2010

Well, I had the Quality Assurance inspection as required by Sungevity, Justin Cox, the Technical Account Representative for this area, came by and took pictures of the system and made sure it was all good. He also updated my Kaco Inverter panel with a newer version, I think 2.05. So my system was down for […]