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Solar chart

August 16, 2011

Hi all, still busy teaching everyday. Here is my solar panel electrical output chart for 8/16/11. The peak was not as high as the other day, must be haze or something that keeps it down. Comments? Fifteen more days for you to get that $1000 for signing up at Sungevity.com and doing an iQuote with […]

Almost mid-month

August 14, 2011

Planning on making over 650 kWh again this month. That sure is a lot of free electricity. I love saving money and helping the environment. I have friends that use $300 plus every month on electricity and they still don’t go solar. OH well maybe later. Here is today’s graph.

Last 2 days of solar energy down due to clouds

April 7, 2011

After that amazing production of over 24 kWh on April 4th, the clouds are rolling in for some rain, maybe. Snow would be fun. Related Articles GE to build massive thin-film U.S. solar plant (news.cnet.com)

March 26th solar results and questions

March 27, 2011

Yesterday, a neighbor friend asked how much electricity I make on a rainy or cloudy day. I made over 13 kWh on that day, 3/26/11 and it was quite cloudy with only sun here and there. Not bad. Another friend asked about my solar, which I responded with the usual saving 50 to 95 dollars […]

March 7th cloudy – 9 kWh; March 8th sunny – over 22 kWh from solar

March 9, 2011

Yes, that sure is a big difference in one day, going from 9 kWh to over 22 kWh, but that is how solar works. Very cool! Here are the graphs. Oh yes, I had a nice birthday other than having to study for a test that afternoon and evening. Related Articles Over 1500 kWh made […]

How it works?

February 25, 2011

A neighbor asked me how my system was working today. I have had it in since August 25, 2010. Here is my response. My meter goes backwards during the day when it is sunny. Come over and look at it sometime when I am home. When it is cloudy it might be stopped or slowly […]

Feb. 12th results and other solar news

February 12, 2011

Will I make it to 600 kWh this month? Since the month is only 28 days maybe not, but I will be close. This is a big jump from December with 400 kWh. Maybe I can get to 700 kWh soon. Solar is so awesome. I plan on showing my electric bills to the people […]

Solar Panels create whale

January 24, 2011

Okay, it is the graph again. It looks like a whale from a certain angle. The tree shading time is going down as the sun rises in the sky. The totals are going up each day. Today, I had 16.6 kWh. At the beginning of January it was at 13 kWh per day, now 16 […]

Half-way thru the month

December 17, 2010

Here is the graph up to Dec. 16th so we can extrapolate what my kilowatts for the month will be. So with 180 kWh produced in 16 days, my projection is for 360 kWh in 32 days. With the rains for the next few days, my guess would be lower maybe only 325 for the […]

Solar Robert

December 9, 2010

He finally got his internet connected to his Kaco Inverter so he can watch his energy graphs like I do everyday. He was on vacation and finally got it connected. Have fun watching solar graphs, Robert. I know you watch currency graphs a lot now you can watch energy creation graphs.  Have fun. Some of […]