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Robert’s March Solar Panel Results

April 2, 2011

Robert sent his graph for March 2011. He has a smaller system 2.9kw and he has a solar lease like me with Sungevity. We both love our solar panel systems.We had a real heavy rainy day and it shows up on our graphs on the same day. You can compare. He must have had way […]

Roberts solar stats for Feb. 2011

March 1, 2011

Way to go Robert on making electricity for yourself and helping the planet. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sending your graph to share with others. Robert lives near Pomona. He has a 2.9kw system from Sungevity and he is very happy with it.

Robert’s solar science experiments.

January 31, 2011

Robert says he is experimenting by looking at his digital electric meter and seeing what uses the least amount of electricity, such as watching Netflix on the TV or on the computer. What energy is consumed by 3 computers etc. Way to go Robert. He loves his Sungevity solar panel system and hopes all his […]