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Robert’s solar panel output graphs for May and June 2012

July 18, 2012

  Here are Robert’s (Mr. Pip) solar panel output graphs for May and June 2012. He has a Sungevity lease system of 2.9 kW  on his roof in La Verne, CA.    

Robert’s solar panel results and comments 4/12/12

April 14, 2012

Here are some graphs for last few months, this year and last year. March was great with SCE usage not even half of tier 1 and total from SCE of $18.77. Average daily was 5.14, last March was 7.03 and before solar in Mar 2010 was 20.66. There was only one month last year where […]

Sept. 1st – Robert’s solar output for August

September 1, 2011

Here are the solar output graphs from Robert’s Sungevity leased 2.9 kW solar panel system in La Verne for the month of August and month to month for 2011. Thanks Robert

Washing solar panels and the results afterwards

June 29, 2011

Robert, my long time friend, sent me this from his solar panel output results from the web. Dear Dan, I am attaching two pictures that shows what happens when you clean the panels. Yesterday before cleaning and today after just hosing off the dust which took about 5 minutes including time to get the ladder […]

Robert’s solar panel results for May and his last month’s electric bill!

June 2, 2011

Another day another kilowatt. We were all watching my SCE meter spin backwards all day today. Even the gardener enjoyed watching it spin backwards, well he was amazed. I love it too. Here is Robert’s solar panel results for May. Remember he has  a 2.9 kw system. He also lives closer to the coast than […]

Robert’s March Solar Panel Results

April 2, 2011

Robert sent his graph for March 2011. He has a smaller system 2.9kw and he has a solar lease like me with Sungevity. We both love our solar panel systems.We had a real heavy rainy day and it shows up on our graphs on the same day. You can compare. He must have had way […]

March 30th results and a visit with Robert

March 30, 2011

Today, I visited Robert, my friend in La Verne that has 16 solar panels on his house from Sungevity. He loves his system and is negative in what he owes SCE, very cool Robert. Keep it up. When I was there his meter showed he had used 9kWh since yesterday but with the solar making […]