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February 2015 solar output graph for my 3.7kw system in Southern California

June 14, 2015

Here is the graph for solar output in 2/2015. Everyone that I know that has gone solar with Sungevity is happy with their solar panel systems. Enjoy everyone. It is sure great saving money every year, over $1000 per year. I am very happy with the solar panel system from Sungevity. The neighbor, Gordon is […]

Solar chart

August 16, 2011

Hi all, still busy teaching everyday. Here is my solar panel electrical output chart for 8/16/11. The peak was not as high as the other day, must be haze or something that keeps it down. Comments? Fifteen more days for you to get that $1000 for signing up at Sungevity.com and doing an iQuote with […]

At the beach

July 27, 2011

Today was my at the beach day. Mmmmm. So relaxing watching the waves and hearing the sounds of the ocean. Yes, still on unpaid vacation. Most teachers in the USA don’t get paid vacations. If we wanted paid vacations we would have to move to Europe or Australia. Smile. My solar panels will be one […]

4/15/11 solar panel results and weekends

April 16, 2011

Here is the solar panel graph for 4/15/11. I am half way to 600 kWh this month. Yahoo! I was thinking of taking a break on weekends. Any comments? I have done it daily without missing for almost 8 months. – dan

77 kw in 4 days

February 5, 2011

At this rate, I will make 577 kWh in 30 days, very cool. Enjoy! Be sure to tell your friends about the seminar (posted 2/4/11).  

Jan. 16th graphs…on the way to over 300

January 16, 2011

Here are the graphs for today, a little early as you can see the graph is not done for today. It is 4:10pm but the graph is slow to register. That is why I usually wait till after 6 or 7pm during the winter to get the graph.

Rain all day – almost 3

December 18, 2010

I have told many who ask about solar that even on a rainy day, the solar panels make electricity. Yesterday was rainy most of the day and definitely heavy clouds. The panels made 2.8 and that is good to know. Here is the graph from yesterday.

Over 1500 kWh made so far in 3 months…

December 2, 2010

Not bad for my little 3.7kw system, is what a friend said the other day. Yes, 1500 plus kilowatts so far 90 days. Yahoo! I was invited to be a reference on a large solar installation. My notoriety is picking up? BusinessWeek, PBS, GWU, Planet Forward, and more. Interesting. My average for November was 17 […]

Mittens changed to mountains.

November 17, 2010

Here are the graphs from yesterday and now half way through November my generation total is 277.4 kWh. So maybe at November 30th, I will have 540 kWh, not bad.