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Leaks and solar

January 10, 2011

When it rained for six days and my dining room was all wet, a call to my Sungevity rep and within 30 minutes they were here with a roofer to check it all out. Nobody knew if it was a pipe leak, the solar installation or underground. The water flooding company wanted $500 to get […]

Family for the holidays

December 29, 2010

I have not kept up my daily postings perfectly like before, busy with all the family here. First there was Brittany and her beau then there is Nicole, Justin and my new grandson, Ethan. Busy, busy! That is good. It is fun watching the family grow. My son comes to visit tonight so I must […]

Too much rain in Southern California

December 22, 2010

Five days of rain and who’s counting. Today makes day six. Most rain in Southern California in 89 years they said on the radio. I believe it. Everyone’s back yards are lakes. People’s pools are overflowing. Drain lines will become something we actually have to install soon. At least my solar keeps making electricity and […]

December 1st

December 3, 2010

Here is the graph for December 1st. The solar panels are making about 15 kWh a day right now. Not bad considering the sun is so low on the horizon and there are very few hours of sun compared to the summer time. If I had a two-story house, I would make more than I […]

Graphs for 2 days… today is looking interesting…10/30/10

October 30, 2010

Today, it rained in the morning. Now it is partly cloudy. Also, I have the graph of when Justin Cox, during his Quality Assurance inspection updated the firmware on the inverter and turned it off for a few minutes. You can see the gap in the line showing the time it was off. What is […]

QA inspection 10/28/10

October 29, 2010

Well, I had the Quality Assurance inspection as required by Sungevity, Justin Cox, the Technical Account Representative for this area, came by and took pictures of the system and made sure it was all good. He also updated my Kaco Inverter panel with a newer version, I think 2.05. So my system was down for […]

Just got a call from Justin Bieber…

October 27, 2010

Oh, did I do a typo for ratings? Did Justin Bieber call me about going solar? Just kidding. Justin Cox, my Sungevity Technical Account Representative, called today to make an appointment to visit my home tomorrow for the Quality Assurance evaluation. Cool! Part of the Sungevity installation involves a complete two-hour evaluation of the installation […]