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Jan. 17th graphs

January 17, 2011

See previous day to compare.

Home Energy Saver

January 15, 2011

Go to this website and see how you can save more energy. Home Energy Saver Here is a screen shot of the home page for it.  

Leaks and solar

January 10, 2011

When it rained for six days and my dining room was all wet, a call to my Sungevity rep and within 30 minutes they were here with a roofer to check it all out. Nobody knew if it was a pipe leak, the solar installation or underground. The water flooding company wanted $500 to get […]

291 was the final total for December

December 31, 2010

I was close at 300, but 291 is not bad for such a cloudy month with so much rain. Who knew there would be six days of rain? Not me. Here is the information on the website of the Kaco Inverter. Happy New Year! Shine on!

Too much rain in Southern California

December 22, 2010

Five days of rain and who’s counting. Today makes day six. Most rain in Southern California in 89 years they said on the radio. I believe it. Everyone’s back yards are lakes. People’s pools are overflowing. Drain lines will become something we actually have to install soon. At least my solar keeps making electricity and […]

From the beginning…

November 21, 2010

If you are new to my blog, it is chronological, so if you go back to August 19th, you can see the solar panel installation from the beginning, day by day. There are many photos and videos in the August part of my blog related to the solar panel installation on my roof. There are […]