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Robert’s solar panel output results for the last few months of 2013

March 26, 2013

Also known as Mr. Pip, Robert, my long time friend with solar panels from Sungevity on a lease, has sent me the latest solar panel output graphs. Here they are, thanks Robert.  

June 2012 results compared to June 2011, yearly results and day results

July 4, 2012

Well, I am not making as much this last June as I did a year ago. Maybe due to more foggy mornings, tree limbs or dirt on the panels. I will have to wash them off one early morning. They are looking pretty brown and dusty. My neighbor’s panels look similar to mine and could […]

Solar panel out put for 7/13 – 7/15

July 15, 2011

Here are the solar graphs for July 13 through 15th.

Peak solar panel kW comparisons

July 10, 2011

Here are two graphs of a week with solar using my panels. The peak production points are quite different. I would think that the peaks would be higher in mid-summer not late spring. I am comparing 3.4 kW with 2.8 kW energy outputs. Comments? Experiences? Share and enjoy.

Jan. 17th graphs

January 17, 2011

See previous day to compare.

Jan. 16th graphs…on the way to over 300

January 16, 2011

Here are the graphs for today, a little early as you can see the graph is not done for today. It is 4:10pm but the graph is slow to register. That is why I usually wait till after 6 or 7pm during the winter to get the graph.

January 8th data – solar

January 9, 2011

Cloudy all day of course, eight days only 72 kWh. That means maybe 270 or so at the end of the month. We will see. It depends on the sun of course and the clouds. Have a good January.

More graphs for the past week 11/5 to 11/9/10

November 10, 2010

Have a good Veterans Day weekend. Here are the graphs for your enjoyment.

Graphs from yesterday, 11/7/10

November 8, 2010

There were some clouds yesterday as you can see on the graph, also on the monthly graph, you can see it too. It rained last night and is cloudy this morning. As for the rain, yahoo I don’t have to get up on the roof and wash them off for another month. Nature is so […]