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Solar output for March 2012

April 2, 2012

Here is the solar output graph for March 2012. I made 600 kWh. Yahoo!  I love saving $1000 per year and helping the environment/country.

April 18th solar panel results

April 19, 2011

Hi all, Here are the solar panel production numbers for April 18th, 2011. It was a cloudy day and so the graph shows it.

4/15/11 solar panel results and weekends

April 16, 2011

Here is the solar panel graph for 4/15/11. I am half way to 600 kWh this month. Yahoo! I was thinking of taking a break on weekends. Any comments? I have done it daily without missing for almost 8 months. – dan

4/14/11 solar panel results

April 15, 2011

Here is the graph for yesterday’s solar panel results of 4/14/11, 24.2  kWh not bad for the middle of April. We will see what May brings. Warming up this week, 83 Friday and 87 on Saturday. A good place to have solar, sunny Southern California.

More April results of energy from my solar panels

April 5, 2011

Here are the solar panel energy graphs for the last two days of early April. We had some clouds both days. April 1st the panels made over 21kWh. Oh I gave out another solar interest card with my blog on it to a fellow teacher this morning before work. He said he was thinking of […]

How long do solar panels last?

April 3, 2011

Yesterday, a friend asked me if solar panels only lasted 10 years. I told my friend that if Mark (one of the solar musketeers – see September post) has solar panels that are over 40 years old and producing electricity for his home (off the grid) then obviously solar panels last way longer than 10 […]

I love my solar panels and I want more of them!

March 29, 2011

Here is a picture from last August before installation of my solar panels and myself. Enjoy! I hope to get 2 or 4 more panels someday so that I can go negative more often. Related Articles “Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex” and related posts (markcrispinmiller.com) Cincinnati Zoo uses solar […]

March 28th solar panel results

March 28, 2011

My solar panels keep solarizing for me everyday. Here is the graph for 3/28/11. Another friend is checking it out and they live near Temecula. Way to go! Hope you sign up. It is a win-win. If I save 90 dollars per month, after one year I will have saved over $1000. Yahoo. We will […]