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Yard sales and solar

August 20, 2011

Yes, it did work. I put “free solar” on my Sungevity sign and they had to ask me how it was free. I explained. Some asked for more information and some didn’t believe it. What part of $1000 profit the 1st year don’t they understand? Comments? The yard sale was good, we sold some things. […]

My solar experiences in English and ASL

July 25, 2011

So here they are my solar stories in ASL and English. Enjoy! By the way my referral code is 27596 if you want $1000 back on your solar installation, if signed up by 8/31/11. Go Solar!

On Vacation

July 14, 2011

Oh, for the first time since I started my solar blog, I will be on vacation for a week. So if you don’t see a new post everyday, you will understand. I will catch up when I can either on vacation using my iPad or when I get back from traveling to the northern California […]

And now for something different…

December 13, 2010

Yes, I used to watch Monty Python. I have been busy lately making a web site using WordPress for a friend who works at a Therapeutic Massage store, BackinBalance1.wordpress.com. Visit if you like. It was fun making the three-page web site for them. They didn’t have one for their business so I helped out. It […]

Now for something different…

December 13, 2010

Yes, I used to watch Monty Python. I didn’t post early today. I’ve been busy making a new WordPress site for a friend. BackinBalance1.wordpress.com. It is the local therapeutic massage place in town where I go once a month to reduce any aches and pains. It is a three-page website to help promote their business. […]

11/21/10 graphs and Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

Here are the graphs for 11/21/10 and the total generated so far. You can see by the graphs that it is either cloudy for raining. It has been raining for 2 days. Sunday was only rainy a little in the morning. Also, on the monthly graph, from my Kaco Inverter and online connection with Sungevity, […]