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July 8th solar panel results

July 8, 2011

Over 21 kWh today, that is good. It is always nice to make over 20 kilowatts in a day. It adds up to over 600 on the month. Electric bill from SCE might come tomorrow and I will share what the bill looks like. We had 7 people in the house all using computers, TVs, […]

Robert’s solar panel results for May and his last month’s electric bill!

June 2, 2011

Another day another kilowatt. We were all watching my SCE meter spin backwards all day today. Even the gardener enjoyed watching it spin backwards, well he was amazed. I love it too. Here is Robert’s solar panel results for May. Remember he hasĀ  a 2.9 kw system. He also lives closer to the coast than […]

Robert part 2

October 14, 2010

Well, my friend Robert called yesterday and said his digital meter keeps running backwards everyday since the installation of his solar panel system from Sungevity. So far he thinks he will be negative for the month. Which if it keeps up this way, he will have a zero electric bill at the end of the […]