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Solar referrals

Two days ago a friend came over and he was looking at my solar panels and told me his electric bill was $200 per month. I told him he was a good candidate for solar since he was using more than $150 per month. I told him about the $80 per month lease, that my new electric bill was $25. He asked if there were installation costs and when he found out there were none, he was floored and wanted to sign up. I gave him my sungevity.com business card and my referral number. His business is visiting people to design landscaping and imagine how many referrals he could do everyday. Cool!

Yesterday a friend asked me about it and she said her bill was over $200 per month so I gave her a card too. Lets hope she signs up too.

They were both were impressed that I was saving $1000 per year. They figured a 20 year lease they would save $20,000. That is a lot of money to have left over for other things, like saving for retirement, vacations or just bills.

So go to sungevity.com do an iQuote and put in 27596 and get that extra $500 and an iPad. You will be glad you did. I am.



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