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Free Solar! Pinball! Green Expo!

Free Solar!

Yes, it is free! I saved over $900 my first year. My friend Robert saved over $200. My neighbor is saving everyday. Another friend plans to save over $2000 per year. We all went solar and love it. Our net outflow is way less than last year. We have extra money to spend on other things.


My son and I went to a fun Halloween Pinball party with over 30 pinball machines in my friends house. It was a blast.

Some of them have electric bills that are quite high if they run their pinball machines often. I will see if I can meet up with some of them and show them how to save tons of money by going solar.

The Green Expo is going on today in L.A. at the Convention Center. It is about going green and Sungevity is there. I can’t make it today so I will go next year. It is Oct. 29 and 30th in L.A and in mid-November in San Francisco.

So save some money and go to Sungevity.com – do an iQuote (easy all online) and put in my referral number 27596 for an extra $500 back and a free iPad. You will be glad you did.


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