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Why I make a profit with solar

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Another friend changed his mind about the solar seeking a higher investment on his money. I told him that there is no investment since on a lease there is no outlay of cash. The only investment is the monthly lease which is so small.

I came up with an analogy for that. If one could get the same amount of groceries for $100 less every month, wouldn’t that be a good deal if you only had to pay $10 per month to get the $100 savings in food?

Yes, the lease price is higher but still there is the monthly savings. Some people save $20 per month and some make more. Either way at the end of the year the savings could have been invested each month into gold, silver or other investments.

I myself finally figured out that my total savings for the year which comes in October as figured  by Edison for the date when they initiated the first monthly bill of solar and electric has come to about $900. That is not a bad bit of savings for my first year. The monthly bill has been about $5 per month and they keep a running total of my use compared to what my solar has made for them. Each month I would send a little and then the next bill would say there is a credit don’t pay anymore. I still would send some so that i would not have to pay the big bill at the end of the year. The big bill at the end of October will probably be $600 or less. Last years bill before solar was over $2000. My lease has been 60 per month and that times 12 is 720. So if you add 600 and 720 and subtract from $2250 that is my profit for the year. Cool huh?

Need I explain more?  Oh one more thing” (Steve Jobs quote), I received $500 for going solar and a free iPad. That $500 pays for a big chunk of my first year electric bill, which from $600 would mean only $100 left or if taken from the lease of 720 only 220 left out of pocket with still the $900 profit. So that means a profit of $1400 the first year. Yahoo!

My friend Robert got $1000 back from his installation from Sungevity and so he is very happy. That pays for a lot of electricity, he would say.

Another friend got $1000 and a free iPad2. They are all happy.


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