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Last day of the month

Here are the monthly totals for August of 2011. One year ago I started solar leasing and I am so glad I did. I save so much money. I was making money the first day of operation. Not like a purchase where you must wait years to recoup the cost of the loan or purchase. Yes, in a purchase you own them where I do not, but at the end of my lease I can upgrade to a newer technology and probably end up paying over the two leases the same as purchasing one system with a guarantee of performance and a guarantee of operation, like an inverter malfunction before the lease is up. Oh I could go on and on. It is getting late, more later. I’ve got to get my rest so I can be a good teacher tomorrow.

I met another teacher today that wants to lease, but alas he lives in Riverside the unfriendly to solar lease city. I hope they change their ways soon. Who likes a monopoly anyway except the monopoly itself, oh well there is the board game.

Here is the totals and the day. Enjoy!


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