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Which solar company to pick?

Back at work, busy, busy. Here are the solar panel results while I was at work. So we are both working. That’s cool. My panels do their job and I do mine.

By the way, if you are trying to decide which solar company to go with, check into the interest increase per year on a lease or ease of getting a quote, how quick, if they have to come to your house before you get a quote, if they want to max out the solar panels on your roof without finding out how much you want to spend first or even considering what your needs are. I had one company, which is very, very big tell me it would take 7 months before install because they were behind and they only use their installers to do it. The same company’s interest was very high, and the size of the system they wanted to do for me was so big they were going to have to cut off my vents so they panels could go there. I would suggest you not go with a company like that. I was not happy with the one hour webinar I had to listen to before I even got a quote.

Sungevity had several quotes to me via email in 24 hours. I got to pick what size system fit my finances. It was easy and efficient.


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