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My solar panel installation day and experience with going green.

400th blog post today, wow!

Wow! 400 blog posts. When I started this blog back in August of 2010, I had no idea I would have posted this many or continued this long. I must be in for the long haul. It has been a pleasure to serve the solar community this way and my friends. So many people have told me they look forward to my blog each day and have learned a lot about going solar, at least from the lease/purchase connected to the grid kind. I am grateful to my family for suggesting I do this blog and to my friends who went solar before me, especially Mark in Arizona. He has had solar for at least 20 years and his panels are still going strong. I am grateful for Robert for going solar and my neighbor Gordy. To all the others that are thinking about going solar, hurry up! To all my Deaf friends who are thinking of going solar, hurry up! To all my friends in Riverside that can’t get a solar lease, bug the city to open it up to you. I heard that Glendale too is restrictive on solar leasing, but they might open up to big companies soon.

To all my friends that have gone solar, bravo to you all for helping the planet, your country and your families. Good going.

Here’s to 400 more blog posts.

Here’s the 7/24/11 solar panel output results. Clouds came in during the late afternoon. I will be over 600 kWh again this month.


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