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$51 electric bill when normally $200

All the family is gone. Boo hoo. It was great fun having everyone here, eight weeks of extra people in the house. With 7 people here the electric bill did go up but was only 1/3 of the kW of a year ago. I was still in Tier 1 and used 417 kW over what my solar made. The bill was 51 dollars, but a year ago it was over 180 bucks. So solar is a really good thing for us. As far as going green, two years ago my daily average was 32 kW per day and last year was 28.6 so I was using less electricity on my own. Then solar came in and my usage after subtracting the solar was 13.4 for last month. Yahoo! So with the 60 dollar lease payment that makes a total of 111 dollars for the month. Way better than 180 or 200 like last year.




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