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Solar panels and my electric bill

Well, many people ask how has my electric bill changed. I got another bill last week and yes it was up, but were so electric utility rates. It was 50 dollars including all the little charges. I only have to pay $4. That is the solar panel fee from SCE. A year ago the bill was 195 dollars. Yes, it is down 145 dollars from then. With my 60 dollar lease payment my total is 110 dollars which is still 85 dollars less than my bill from a year ago. So I saved 85 dollars this month.

Getting the solar panels with a lease was a no brainer for me. Good luck in all your solar choices. I researched for 3 months before I signed up for this. I checked with 8 different companies and Sungevity was the best choice for me. Yes, I tried Solar City, Sunrun and many others before I finally settled down to the shortest lease and smallest yearly increase. Looking back it was still the best choice. Not every time in my life can I say that one.

Have a good week. Below is my electric bill for the last year. As you can see the last four months are with solar panels in operation.


One Response to “Solar panels and my electric bill”

  1. Solar Photovoltaics are one area where being green does not have to mean paying higher prices. Taking advantage of numerous countries feed-in-tariffs, the average home-owner can save plenty of money by installing roof-top solar photovoltaic panels.

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