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Rain for 4 days now

It never rains in Southern California, as the song goes. Well, we have had rain for 4 days now. Let’s see Friday, we had some rain, Saturday some more, Sunday it rained all day and night, Monday too, real hard. Today it might to rain 1 inch and tomorrow up to 3 inches. Thursday it might clear up. Thank God.

At least the solar panels are clean and still making energy. Here are graphs of Dec. 19 and 20th. Yesterday the clouds and rain were so, so heavy, the solar panels only made 1.2 kWh total. Wow! That never happened before. Plus it is the Winter Solstice. Did any of you see the Lunar Eclipse? It was too cloudy for us to see it here. Maybe if we had driven an hour or two south of here towards San Diego we might have seen it.

It is fun having my daughter and her boyfriend here. I get to use my native language all day, very cool. They leave soon to visit more family in Tacoma. Have a good week.

BTW, did you try any of the iPad solar apps yet. Let me know if any of them are good.


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