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Half-way thru the month

Here is the graph up to Dec. 16th so we can extrapolate what my kilowatts for the month will be. So with 180 kWh produced in 16 days, my projection is for 360 kWh in 32 days. With the rains for the next few days, my guess would be lower maybe only 325 for the month. We will see. Still seeing that most days were about 13 or 14 kWh each is a good feeling. I love that I am making electricity instead of just using it.

At the massage store, one of the therapists has solar on her home and next door at the health food store the owner has had solar for at least 10 years and loves it. It is nice meeting other solar enthusiasts. Have a good weekend.

My one daughter from DC will be here on Saturday evening. Yahoo! On Sunday, we will all go to church and I get to interpret (ASL) for her, her boyfriend and my dad. Fun!

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