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Riverside, CA – solar leasing problems.

Well, a friend of mine wanted to get a lease from Sungevity, but the city of Riverside wouldn’t let him. Their utility company encouraged him to buy them with their big rebate offer. The rebate is quite big, but if you don’t want to borrow money, a lease is the better way to go. I checked with the utility and they gave me 3 companies that lease. I called all three. The first was a fax machine, the second said they don’t lease and the last one said he was the only one he knew of that would lease. He didn’t want to lease, but would. He preferred to sell them. So is Riverside pushing a monopoly. It is sad when citizens who want to go solar are pushed into a certain way of doing it and don’t have a choice. What do you think?

I have many friends in Riverside who want to go with Sungevity and a lease, but are not allowed to. I thought we had freedom in America, I guess not in Riverside. I hope with people’s input they will lighten up and let people lease their solar if they choose to and be forced to buy. What are your thoughts?


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