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December 1st

Here is the graph for December 1st. The solar panels are making about 15 kWh a day right now. Not bad considering the sun is so low on the horizon and there are very few hours of sun compared to the summer time. If I had a two-story house, I would make more than I do. On the other hand having a two-story house would mean using more electricity to heat and air-condition the house. So do any of you solar people have two-story homes, I would love to hear your experiences with solar.

You can still see that the big pine tree in the middle of the back yard is creating a dip from 12:45pm till 3:15pm. I could chop down the tree but the shade in the summer is so important in this hot part of Southern California.

Speaking of weather, it sure was cold in Tennessee. Funny, when it was 28 degrees one night there, it was 26 degrees here (Fahrenheit). So it was colder here than there. Tennessee sure was pretty though. I can see why so many people never leave and live there generation after generation. My great-grandmother lived in Red Boiling Springs and her parents and her grandparents all lived in that area of Tennessee. Interesting how my daughter ended up meeting a boy from Tennessee and moving there, more tomorrow.

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