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Trees and solar panels 2

As I said I would, I took some photos of the solar with the tree shading on it. I called my Sungevity representative, Justin Cox about it yesterday. He said that their primary concern is there is no shading between 9 and 3 or 10 and 4. Since my shading is from 7:15 to 8:15 there is no concern since it is not in the primary photo converting time. That is good to know.

I still think that if the solar panels were on a higher part of the roof then the shading would not be happening right now. At the time of installation, I had no idea that there would be any shading at all, but at least like Justin says it is only 3 panels and early in the morning. Now if I had not trimmed the 35 foot pine tree, there would have been a large amount of afternoon shading on the roof.

Justin also pointed out that December 21st (winter solstice) is a month away and then the sun starts coming back up from the horizon. This means that the shading I notice a week or two a ago will be its worst in one month and continue for another 5 weeks after that and then there is none. Not bad, good to know.

So, as I do this blog to help others with their solar set ups, solar installations, and solar usage, I help myself. By understanding more of the process, I help others. So maybe the next person will consider their trees and put the panels higher up on the roof to avoid losing 1 kWh per day. I think it is interesting that every kilowatt is so important. The more I save the more the planet saves.

Here are the photos.

Shine on!


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