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Last old fashioned electric bill arrived…

My last regular electric bill arrived. Very cool. I have not had a bill this low since maybe 10 or 15 years ago. The bill was 61 dollars. When my average bill was $185, that is a huge savings to me. Even with the lease payment, I saved 70 dollars from my normal bill. Last year at this time my bill was $195 and now it is $61. Add the 60 dollar lease payment, which makes 120 and you see I saved 75 dollars this month over last year. That is a great deal!

Next month, I go to net metering. The bill will be about $1-10 dollars each month which I don’t have to pay till October 2011. So I can take the amount that the bill would be,  which they will post at the bottom and save it in the bank for a year and then pay it, making interest till then. Too cool!

So neighbors, what do you think? $120 or $190 which is the better bill? And I know some of my neighbors pay less than me and some pay more, depending on how much they use their air conditioner.

Any comments are welcome as always. More tomorrow.


One Response to “Last old fashioned electric bill arrived…”

  1. Great posts, especially this one – thank you! 🙂

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