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Robert’s new solar system

Robert has a smaller system, 2.9 kw, and is making 17 kWh a day so far. Keep it up, Robert! He has been in operation since late Monday after noon. Let us know how it goes Robert! His system is obvious from the street since the front of his house faces south, so he is getting lots of attention from the neighbors, especially the ones with big electric bills. He will probably have a solar party soon. Send us some photos Robert so we can see what it looks like.


One Response to “Robert’s new solar system”

  1. I checked the system today while it was cloudy and the air conditioner was off. The meter was running backward even with clouds!!!

    I also got my electric bill today. This will be my last bill with anything over tier 1. Doing the math showed that I will save at least the cost of the lease in October and maybe even be net negative for most of the winter.

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