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My letter to sungevity

Dear Sungevity,

I have wanted to go solar for 30 years. Back in the 70’s I would attend every Eco and Solar Fair in the area, dreaming of adding alternative energy to my home. During those years, I was in college or rented so I had no opportunity at that time. A few months ago, I heard about solar leasing on the radio, excited to check it out because maybe now I wouldn’t have to come up with a big loan.

After I investigated 7 different companies on the specifics of going solar, I chose Sungevity because they had the best deal with a ten-year lease and no money down. I filled out the iQuote online and within a short time I had chosen the size of the system that best fit my budget and needs.

The installation went well even during the over 100 degree temps. The installation company was thorough and did a great job. Since I was so excited about my first adventure into solar, I photographed and videotaped the whole process and set up a blog to document my day-to-day adventures in solar energy. You can check it out at dansolar1.wordpress.com.

The companies involved are so excited about my website/blog that they will link to it soon and add it to their advertising. I became more talented in using a blog and now let others see how easy it is and how much energy is generated by my moderate-sized system.

I am so grateful to Sungevity for allowing me to share my experiences with everyone and for providing an easy and inexpensive way to go solar.


Solar Man Dan


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